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Charlie is HERE!Des_Moines_Iowa_Newborn_Baby_Photographer_259

I had the pleasure of photographing this sweet little man, who was such a perfect baby for his newborn session.  I even got a HUGE smile from him, which is always pretty special!


I adore the smile in the first shot, but LOOK at those pouty lips here!  Just so darn cute.  His hair is so dreamy in this picture.

Des_Moines_Iowa_Newborn_Baby_Photographer_257These overalls are honestly so amazing.  I find that with a lot of newborn outfits, the fit can be off, which makes posing a bit difficult.  After getting these for Charlie’s session, I actually bought two more pair of overalls from Toodlebug Creations ( because they are so well made and such a great fit.  And obviously, they are darling!  Charlie looks so handsome in his!

Des_Moines_Iowa_Newborn_Baby_Photographer_252It’s funny, because about a year or so ago, I was so intimidated by family poses with newborns.  I just hadn’t found a way to make them look exactly the way they did in my head.  Well, I kept at it, and now parent and family shots with newborns are usually my favorite shots from the session.  I just love showcasing a family’s love!


One of my favorite shots ever of this beautiful momma!  Carly has her hands full with three children, her own business, and a full-time job, but her love for her children always comes first!  You can tell by this image how proud she is and how much she loves her baby boy!


And this is ONE PROUD DADDY!  I have now photographed two of Michael and Carly’s newborns, and each time I tell Carly how impressed I am with how affectionate and loving Michael is with his babies.  He adores them!


A little kiss from mommy.

Des_Moines_Iowa_Newborn_Baby_Photographer_260I have to laugh, because Carly honestly did NOT think I was going to get a sibling shot.  Hehe….I love it when things come together.  These three are just beautiful and so HAPPY!

Des_Moines_Iowa_Newborn_Baby_Photographer_256Just hanging out.  I have had a lot of people ask about this little chair from  Little Prop ( and I have to say it is an awesome prop.  My babies fit so snug into it and it is definitely a parent favorite!  Look how comfy Charlie is!


I had to finish out Charlie’s blog with a cute shot of him in his personalized hat.  Isn’t it so perfect?

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Liliana is here and she is absolutely gorgeous!Des_Moines_Iowa_Newborn_Baby_Photographer_252

When I first met Liliana’s big sisters, Maya and Mayzie, I could not believe how beautiful they were AND how calm and well-behaved they were!  I knew we were going to get gorgeous pictures of them with their new sister, and we did!


The girls were so sweet and gentle with their baby sister.  Photographing newborns with their older siblings can be a bit challenging and sometimes nerve-wracking, because of course an 11 day old baby is very fragile.  But the girls were wonderful with Liliana!

Des_Moines_Iowa_Newborn_Baby_Photographer_243We also happen to get one of my all-time favorite newborn family images.  How stunning is this family?

Des_Moines_Iowa_Newborn_Baby_Photographer_244Lilana comes from so much love.  I think this image captures that perfectly.


First smiles….


Then kisses…


Liliana was a dream baby to photograph.  She slept so well for me and was happy to do most poses.  This one is kind of a “go-to” for me.  It is a posed lovingly called “The Potato Sack” by newborn photographers.  It shows off Liliana’s sweet little face and I adore how her fingertips are peeking out!


I am kind of over the moon about this image.  Liliana looks so content and beautiful, the outfit is perfection (Mia Joy Studio – and I love these colors on her.  Plus look at her little toes!  Gah!  Love!

Des_Moines_Iowa_Newborn_Baby_Photographer_249A little side shot in the same outfit.


I will never get sick of a baby in a basket!  The purple colors look so pretty on this little lady!  (Basket by TFJ Designs –


I was so excited to use this set with Liliana!  Mint/soft turquoise is a very underused color on baby girls, and I think I need MORE of it in the studio!   Every time I use it I fall in love with the images!  This is gorgeous romper is from one of my all-time favorite shops, Leah Michele Creations ( and the headband and bowl is from another one of my all-time favorite shops, Luneberry (

Des_Moines_Iowa_Newborn_Baby_Photographer_246Another lovely mint shot of the lovely Miss Liliana.

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Introducing Finlee and Henry!

I was so blessed to get to capture the sweetness of these beautiful twins!  They both spent a lot of time in NICU, but were still sleepy little newborns when I met them for the first time (they were almost 3 months old!).  They were just a joy to photograph!


I adore Henry’s little grin in this picture.  He wasn’t sure what to think about being swaddled up so tight at first, but then he definitely relaxed, and even gave me a small grin.  Their mommy said that she loved grays and purples, and I was so happy with this color combination (oddly enough, one I had never used before, and I thought I had covered the whole spectrum at this point!!).


Snuggly baby boy.


This image of Finlee is too much!  Look at those little lips and her amazing skin!  Such a beauty!


There are definitely some challenges working with “older” newborns, one of them being they don’t always want to stay asleep.  One of the reasons I love this pose is that they are snug as bugs in these little swaddle sacks, and the pose shows of their faces perfectly.  Win-win!


…but sometimes it is fun to be awake!  Look at Henry’s amazing eyes!


What a gorgeous family.


One of my favorite daddy/daughter images of all time.  Finlee looks so stunning in this image, and she is so content in her daddy’s hands.


Proud mommy!


Two beauties.


The boys.


You can see the love and adoration Nick and Lindsey have for their babies.  Finlee and Henry sure are lucky.


Creamy loveliness.  Their skin in this setup is unreal!  Honestly, these are just GORGEOUS babies!


This is one of those shots that when you take it you think “Yep, this is going to be one of my all-time favorite newborn images.”  And it is.

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Sweet baby boy!  Sully is here!306A0114

Many people may not know I actually mentor other photographers on newborn photography and newborn posing.  My existing students and I got together this past month to work on family and sibling poses with newborn babies.  I had the pleasure of capturing Sully and his gorgeous sister, Olive, who may have been one of the best behaved big sisters ever!  And to top that off, she is stunning!


Look at those blue eyes!  Gah!  So gorgeous!  And Sully was so happy and sleepy in his big sister’s arms.


This is such a beautiful family, and such a beautiful moment.  I have had the joy of raising my own sweet girl and her little baby brother (Cora and Nile) and the love and protection Olive is showing Sully never ends.  She will be protective of him and adore him more every day.


Proud family.  Aren’t they gorgeous!?!


I am madly in love with this picture.  Michael looks so proud and happy.  I dare you to look at this picture and not smile.  Seriously.


She sure does love her baby brother.  I decided to include some black and white images in this blog because I so rarely show off my black and white shots, and I thought these were all so beautiful.


Leslie and her little man= true love.  This is a pose I just started using and was happy to get to show my students.  You really have to embrace the shadows for this pose, and many of us newborn photographers are more comfortable with less shadows (you think newborn, you think bright, happy, light!) but embracing the shadows brings the love and emotion out in this image.  It is one of my very favorite mom and baby images ever.

If you or a friend needs guidance on finding the right newborn photographer for your family, please check out my post on Finding the Right Newborn Photographer!

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Welcoming Roman to the World…


I was so blessed to get to capture this sweet little man.  Roman is not only a beautiful baby boy, but he was sleepy and amazing to work with at hit newborn session.  And..BONUS..his older sister and two older brothers are just as beautiful as he is, and were amazing to work with as well!  This first pose is called the “Taco” or “Womb Pose” within newborn photography.  It is typically done on a blanket, but I just love how dreamy this pose is with Roman in his daddy’s hands.


This group is simply gorgeous.  It is a huge adjustment to bring a new baby into a family, and Houston, Kollin, and Brynley couldn’t have been more wonderful to work with.


I have to shout out to my girl Kali at Kali Eden Photography ( for this pose.  She got everyone placed and I absolutely LOVE how this shot turned out.


Look at those gorgeous faces!  Ashley and Brian have so much to be proud of and thankful for.  They have the most beautiful, sweet children!


This pose is called the “Froggy” pose by newborn photographers, and again is typically done on a blanket.  One of the students at my workshop asked me to try a “Froggy Pose in Daddy’s arms” so I went for it!  Halfway through she said “Umm…I mean taco!” but by then I had already positioned Roman and he looked perfect!  I love accidentally stumbling onto this pose!  It will be one of my go-to favorites!


Look at that little face!!  Love!


Roman and Brian are so dang handsome in this picture!


Finally, Roman with his beautiful, glowing mommy.  I am so happy I got to meet and capture this family during such a special time in their lives.  I have the best job ever!

If you or a friend needs guidance on finding the right newborn photographer for your family, please check out my post on Finding the Right Newborn Photographer!

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