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Introducing Finlee and Henry!

I was so blessed to get to capture the sweetness of these beautiful twins!  They both spent a lot of time in NICU, but were still sleepy little newborns when I met them for the first time (they were almost 3 months old!).  They were just a joy to photograph!


I adore Henry’s little grin in this picture.  He wasn’t sure what to think about being swaddled up so tight at first, but then he definitely relaxed, and even gave me a small grin.  Their mommy said that she loved grays and purples, and I was so happy with this color combination (oddly enough, one I had never used before, and I thought I had covered the whole spectrum at this point!!).


Snuggly baby boy.


This image of Finlee is too much!  Look at those little lips and her amazing skin!  Such a beauty!


There are definitely some challenges working with “older” newborns, one of them being they don’t always want to stay asleep.  One of the reasons I love this pose is that they are snug as bugs in these little swaddle sacks, and the pose shows of their faces perfectly.  Win-win!


…but sometimes it is fun to be awake!  Look at Henry’s amazing eyes!


What a gorgeous family.


One of my favorite daddy/daughter images of all time.  Finlee looks so stunning in this image, and she is so content in her daddy’s hands.


Proud mommy!


Two beauties.


The boys.


You can see the love and adoration Nick and Lindsey have for their babies.  Finlee and Henry sure are lucky.


Creamy loveliness.  Their skin in this setup is unreal!  Honestly, these are just GORGEOUS babies!


This is one of those shots that when you take it you think “Yep, this is going to be one of my all-time favorite newborn images.”  And it is.

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Ana is ONE!Des_Moines_Iowa_Baby_Photographer_110

I had so much fun photographing this beautiful baby girl.  I’ll be honest, sometimes one year-olds give me a run for my money.  Oftentimes they don’t like the camera, the new environment, having  stranger interact with them, etc.  But Ana honestly was just sweet and happy the entire session.  She is such a darling little lady.


She has so many sweet facial expressions.  Her big, bright eyes definitely connect with the camera.  I had two different people say “She looks like you daughter!” when I posted pictures of Ana on Facebook and Instagram.  Once it was mentioned, I absolutely saw the resemblance in the eyes.  Big, bright, expressive eyes!


I LOVE this image.  I would say 99% of my parents say “Did you get some good smiling shots!?!” at the session. And yes, I work hard to get smiling shots, but my favorite images are always ones with serious little innocent faces.  I think it is because most babies squint a little when they smile, but with their serious faces their eyes steal the show!


HI am telling you, this little girl is SO sweet!  She also is amazingly photogenic!


Ana’s sister Layla got to join her for a few shots!  BOTH of these girls are over-the-moon beautiful!


We figured while Layla was happy and smiling, it only made sense to give her the spotlight for a few shots!  She is such a little stunner!


I admit, like one year-olds, three year-olds are pretty unpredictable.  But Layla was born to be a model!  She is smily and happy and again, incredibly photogenic just like her little sister.


The whole gang – how gorgeous is this family??


Ana and her mommy Amanda look so beautiful together.


Possibly my favorite image of the day!  Look at her little tongue! Eek!

My heart always melts when I get to take daddy and daughter pictures.  It may be because I am a daddy’s girl myself, and it is also may be because my own daughter is definitely a daddy’s girl.


Ana’s eyes are incredible.  I am so drawn to this sweet, beautiful image!


Ana’s skin just glows against the dark wood background.   It always amazes me which features “pop” with outfit changes and set changes.  Ana looked gorgeous in everything we did at her session, but I definitely think she looks amazing in this setup!


And of course, we end with a smile!  I truly enjoyed getting to capture the beauty of this family!

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Max is SUCH big stuff!


Max is growing up so fast, and we had so much fun at his Mid-Year Milestone session.  He honestly smiled and giggled at me the entire time.  That has never happened before and may never again.  He is just a smiley, happy little man.  And those dimples…ahh….


Like I said, super smiley.  Every single outfit he gave me huge smiles.  I first met Max (a.k.a. “Mighty Max”) when he was just days old.  It really is a blessing to get to watch the newborns I photograph grow and change throughout their first year.  He is definitely a much different baby than when I first met him.  He sits up all by himself, loves smiling and people, and just is changing in so many ways.


Max mad amazing eye contact with me throughout his session.  He has rich, deep brown eyes that are so sweet.


And yes, I put him in a little bowl.  He still fits in one, so why not?  I love a baby in a wood bowl!


Did I mention he is super smiley?  Most baby boys FIGHT when I put hats on them for milestone sessions.  Max couldn’t have cared less.  And boy, did he look adorable in this hat!


I loved this picture, he thought I was absolutely hilarious (which I kind of am…sometimes) and you can tell by his giggly face in this picture that he truly was entertained!


This may be as serious as Max was all day.  He got to sit on his daddy’s lap for a shot (totally unplanned, but Chris showed up in his work attire and so we figured why not!).  I love how Max is holding his daddy’s hand.


And yes, he loves his daddy’s kisses!


Whenever I can get a belly shot, I have to go for it.  Honestly, is there anything cuter than a baby belly?  I think not.


Last but not least, Max giving me one last smile.   He is such a beautiful baby boy and I am so happy I got to capture so many smiles!

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Did you hear the news????  Billy is ONE!Des_Moines_Iowa_Milestone_Baby_Photographer_63

This is my cousin Billy.  He is very, very special to our family. First off, he is one of the most beautiful baby boys in the history of the world!  Second, my cousin, Steph, worked very hard to get to be his mommy, and he is the absolute image of perfection and what adoption is all about.  He is SO happy and SO healthy and thriving.  He was meant to have Steph as a mommy, and I know that was God’s plan for the two of them all along.  And yes, I am bawling as I write this because seeing him grow and thrive and be loved is just a continuation of the blessing he is in our lives.
Plus, how SMART is he?  He knows he is ONE!
Des_Moines_Iowa_Milestone_Baby_Photographer_61Did I mention he is really, really happy?
Des_Moines_Iowa_Milestone_Baby_Photographer_62Like…maybe the happiest one year-old I have ever met??  We were all laughing so hard when he started running and dancing around.  If they ever do a remake of Staying Alive, I feel confident he is a shoo-in.


And don’t let his smiles fool you – he is just as handsome with a serious little face.  His outfit was PERFECT!  Steph always does an amazing job of finding the cutest outfits for his sessions!


I love, love, love me a mommy and son picture.  It will always melt my heart.  They just love each other so much!


He has the best features.  His eyes and lips are SO darn cute!


Oh, and along with gorgeous eyes, he has super long and thick eyelashes.  He is a model for sure. Des_Moines_Iowa_Milestone_Baby_Photographer_65

His tummy in this picture is cracking me up!  Apparently he wolfed down his Grandma Pat’s chili before the session (I am serious).Des_Moines_Iowa_Milestone_Baby_Photographer_64

….did I mention he is SO happy?


You may have noticed he doesn’t have any shoes on in any of his pictures. That is intentional.  I know for a fact there is no shoe in existence that is cuter than a baby’s feet.  Here is proof.


Last but not least, my beautiful, handsome, adorable cousin.  We love you, Billy!

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Gavin (one of my all-time favorite babies) turns 18 months!


We started Gavin’s session with a gorgeous family image.  I absolutely am in love with this picture and this family.  Gavin is the happiest little guy and his parents are just enamored with him, as they should be!


Gavin was so full of energy, and did a pretty good job of running around the studio.  He was always smiley and happy in his mommy’s arms and daddy’s arms, which made for great pictures!


I giggled out loud when I saw this one pulled up on my computer.  He LOVES HIS MOMMY.  Seriously, loves his mommy!  His face here is priceless.  I think I may have to post this image as a “Caption This!” photo, because I feel like his eyes are just speaking to the camera – radiating happiness!


And YES, he was equally giddy in his daddy’s arms.  It is just too ridiculously cute.  These boys are going to get in so much trouble together in the upcoming years, you can just tell…


This was the first image I was drawn to out of their gallery.  First off, Gavin’s hair, skin, and eyes are just perfection.  He couldn’t be any cuter.  Secondly, his little expression is so innocent and sweet.  Lastly, and most importantly, I just love how he is holding his mommy’s hand.  I think every mommy out there can relate to this image.


I suggested Gavin bring out the gun show.  I am glad he did.  In my opinion, you can scour the mall, hit every baby store in the universe, and no outfit will ever compare to the cuteness of a baby belly.


His facial expressions crack me up!  He has SO many and is such a charismatic little man.  I can’t wait until he is full-blown talking, because I feel like he has a lot of hilarious thoughts running through his head!


Last but not least, a sweet little smile showing off those cute teeth, amazing eyes, insanely cute hair, and perfect skin.  He is a keeper.

If you need guidance on finding the right newborn photographer for your family, please check out my post on Finding the Right Newborn Photographer!

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