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Friends, I am BACK photographing newborns!  My studio partner and I found a gorgeous natural light location that is just filled with gorgeous dreamy light.  Check out the video of my new studio!

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    Free Sitter Romper Pattern

    Sewing a Sitter Romper for Milestone Photography

    This pattern fist approximately 6-12 month old babies, depending on their weight and height.

    **Please comment below that you stopped by!  I am happy to share this pattern but would love to know your thoughts!  Also, when you use it, please comment here with the link to your post so I can admire your work!!!

    Kristy Hall Photography – Des Moines, Iowa Newborn Baby Photographer




    I had such amazing feedback on my free Newborn Romper Pattern that I went ahead and created another blog post with a sitter romper pattern.  The steps are identical to the newborn romper, but the size is different.  I absolutely love creating custom, unique outfits for my clients.  I found that although I have so many amazing vendors I purchase outfits from, there is something very empowering about being able to create my own unique looks for a client.  I also found that I would be searching and searching for the EXACT color or style I wanted for a baby, and would spend a ton of time searching and never really find exactly what I envisioned.  Sewing outfits for my milestone sessions has given me a lot of creative control over my sessions.

    There are two ways to create this pattern.  The first is shown on the top picture with Conner.  It includes full legs and is my favorite for boys.  On Amelia, the second image, I simply removed the legs and made a cute version where the legs show.

    I have shared my simple pattern with many of the photography students I mentor, as well as a few photographer friends who sew.  This romper has two curved seams and two three straight seams, so it really is something anyone with basic sewing skills can make.

    Directions for Sewing Your Newborn Romper

    Please note that this romper is for use as a PHOTOGRAPHY PROP only and babies should never be left unattended in this outfit,

    as it does tie around the back of their neck thus isn’t meant to be worn as an everyday outfit.


    1 yard of stretch knit fabric OR a second-hand sweater with stretch (my “go-to”)

    Thread to match

    1 yard of yarn to use for the tie

    Step 1

    Print off all three images on 8×5 x 11 inch standard printer paper.  Tape pieces together, and cut out around the pattern.

    Free Sitter Romper Pattern


    Click here for the Sitter Romper Pattern Top

    Free Sitter Romper Pattern 2

    Click here for the Sitter Romper Pattern Middle

    bottomClick here for the Sitter Romper Pattern Bottom

    Step 2

    Pin your pattern onto your material (two pieces of fabric), then cut out a front and back for your romper.  I make it easy on myself and use a roller cutter with a mat board (approx $20 at JoAnn’s).  I lay the material flat and cut out two identical sections.   If you have fabric that frays, you will want to cut the pattern 1/4 inch longer on the legs for a bottom seam.  I typically use upcycled sweaters and use the finished bottom for the legs, so I don’t have to do a finishing seam on the leg bottoms.


    Step 3

    Cut the bib off of the back of the romper (see pattern) with a curved cut.


    Step 4

    Pin and sew a zig-zag or stretch-stitch  seam in the top of the bib, approximately 1/4 inch.


    Step 5

    Pin the front and back together, right side to right side (as in, the outside of the fabric, what you want show, facing in).  Sew a stretch or zig-zag stitch along each outside edge of the leg with 1/4 inch seams up to the spot in which the back of the romper ends.  Make sure to trim the excess fabric off so that when you sew the drawstring seam it isn’t blocked by the excess fabric.


    Step 6

    Turn the romper right-side-out, then lay romper flat with the front-side facing down.  Starting at the right side at the top of the bib, pin the fabric down the side of the bib and all the way around the back of the romper.  Sew a stretch or zig-zag stitch at a 1/2 inch.  This will be a curved seam that the drawstring for the neck will be threaded through.



    Step 7

    Again turn the romper inside out, pinning around the crotch and legs, finishing up your sewing with a 1/4 inch seam with a zig-zag or stretch stitch.



    Step 8

    Turn your romper right-side out, and using a small safety pin, thread your drawstring though the edge of the bib, around the back, and up through the other end of the bib.


    Step 9 – YOU ARE FINISHED!  

    Now go find a cute baby to photograph in your romper!!


    Free Sitter Romper Pattern

    Thank you so much for stopping by!  Please comment with any questions you have for me!

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    • HeatherOh my goodness! How unique! I can’t wait to get out my sewing machine and start on some of these amazing free tutorials! You are such a talented soul, in not only your amazing newborn photography, but you can DIY newborn outfits as well!ReplyCancel

    • MelisaHi, stopped by to admire your work! Love the Romper and can’t wait to.try make one myself! ThanksReplyCancel

    • JoannaThanks for that…ReplyCancel

    • Paula FeltnerThank you! Love them.ReplyCancel

    • MarieCan’t wait to try this out, thank you for sharing! Your work is amazing!!ReplyCancel

    • Ruth YoderThank you so much for the romper pattern. I am so excited to make one. Can this pattern be used to make them to sell?ReplyCancel

    • Claire FradgleyOmg thanks so much!!!! I’m off to find ore loved sweaters now!!!!ReplyCancel

    Newborn Baby Boy {Henry}

    Henry is here!!


    I am in the midst of playing catch-up on my blogging, and am so happy that I finally am sharing Henry’s images.  This little man is so cute and was such a sweetie for his session.  I am loving him in this little bed with his little toes peeking out.


    I think Henry wins the “best hair” award in this image.


    One of the things I love about newborn photography is how the slightest angle change can change the whole look of a baby!  Their features are so tiny that every angle really shows off different traits.  Henry’s little nose and lips are so adorable in this shot!


    Sleepy baby boy.  He is so dreamy.


    I love this shot of Henry with his mommy and daddy.  They have so much love for each other and so much love for their baby boy.


    This is probably my favorite parent and newborn pose.  I love it when babies are all curled up in their momma’s arms.


    One of the prettiest mommy and baby pictures I’ve ever taken (it helps that Ashley is gorgeous!).


    I am so in love with Henry’s squishy lips in this image!  And you can tell how very proud his daddy is!


    This face is too much.  Just perfect.


    I had this as my Facebook page profile picture for awhile, because it is just too cute.  Henry’s little face, his perfect hair, and his little toes all just make me smile.  I get a lot of requests for this little chair which snuggles babies perfectly.  I always have a spotter just inches away from my newborns when they are in this little chair.  But honestly, Henry was completely asleep and super cozy!  His outfit is one of my new favorites from Leah Michele Creations.  Her outfits are always so well made and fit my newborns perfectly.   Henry looks amazing in this little green number!

    If you or a friend needs guidance on finding the right newborn photographer for your family, please check out my post on Finding the Right Newborn Photographer!

    Thanks for stopping by!

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    Newborn Baby Boy {Charlie}

    Charlie is HERE!Des_Moines_Iowa_Newborn_Baby_Photographer_259

    I had the pleasure of photographing this sweet little man, who was such a perfect baby for his newborn session.  I even got a HUGE smile from him, which is always pretty special!


    I adore the smile in the first shot, but LOOK at those pouty lips here!  Just so darn cute.  His hair is so dreamy in this picture.

    Des_Moines_Iowa_Newborn_Baby_Photographer_257These overalls are honestly so amazing.  I find that with a lot of newborn outfits, the fit can be off, which makes posing a bit difficult.  After getting these for Charlie’s session, I actually bought two more pair of overalls from Toodlebug Creations (https://www.etsy.com/shop/toodlebugcreations) because they are so well made and such a great fit.  And obviously, they are darling!  Charlie looks so handsome in his!

    Des_Moines_Iowa_Newborn_Baby_Photographer_252It’s funny, because about a year or so ago, I was so intimidated by family poses with newborns.  I just hadn’t found a way to make them look exactly the way they did in my head.  Well, I kept at it, and now parent and family shots with newborns are usually my favorite shots from the session.  I just love showcasing a family’s love!


    One of my favorite shots ever of this beautiful momma!  Carly has her hands full with three children, her own business, and a full-time job, but her love for her children always comes first!  You can tell by this image how proud she is and how much she loves her baby boy!


    And this is ONE PROUD DADDY!  I have now photographed two of Michael and Carly’s newborns, and each time I tell Carly how impressed I am with how affectionate and loving Michael is with his babies.  He adores them!


    A little kiss from mommy.

    Des_Moines_Iowa_Newborn_Baby_Photographer_260I have to laugh, because Carly honestly did NOT think I was going to get a sibling shot.  Hehe….I love it when things come together.  These three are just beautiful and so HAPPY!

    Des_Moines_Iowa_Newborn_Baby_Photographer_256Just hanging out.  I have had a lot of people ask about this little chair from  Little Prop (http://littleprop.com/posing-pod/newborn-posing-pod/) and I have to say it is an awesome prop.  My babies fit so snug into it and it is definitely a parent favorite!  Look how comfy Charlie is!


    I had to finish out Charlie’s blog with a cute shot of him in his personalized hat.  Isn’t it so perfect?

    If you or a friend needs guidance on finding the right newborn photographer for your family, please check out my post on Finding the Right Newborn Photographer!

    Thanks for stopping by!

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      Newborn Baby Girl {Liliana}

      Liliana is here and she is absolutely gorgeous!Des_Moines_Iowa_Newborn_Baby_Photographer_252

      When I first met Liliana’s big sisters, Maya and Mayzie, I could not believe how beautiful they were AND how calm and well-behaved they were!  I knew we were going to get gorgeous pictures of them with their new sister, and we did!


      The girls were so sweet and gentle with their baby sister.  Photographing newborns with their older siblings can be a bit challenging and sometimes nerve-wracking, because of course an 11 day old baby is very fragile.  But the girls were wonderful with Liliana!

      Des_Moines_Iowa_Newborn_Baby_Photographer_243We also happen to get one of my all-time favorite newborn family images.  How stunning is this family?

      Des_Moines_Iowa_Newborn_Baby_Photographer_244Lilana comes from so much love.  I think this image captures that perfectly.


      First smiles….


      Then kisses…


      Liliana was a dream baby to photograph.  She slept so well for me and was happy to do most poses.  This one is kind of a “go-to” for me.  It is a posed lovingly called “The Potato Sack” by newborn photographers.  It shows off Liliana’s sweet little face and I adore how her fingertips are peeking out!


      I am kind of over the moon about this image.  Liliana looks so content and beautiful, the outfit is perfection (Mia Joy Studio – https://mia-joy-studio.myshopify.com) and I love these colors on her.  Plus look at her little toes!  Gah!  Love!

      Des_Moines_Iowa_Newborn_Baby_Photographer_249A little side shot in the same outfit.


      I will never get sick of a baby in a basket!  The purple colors look so pretty on this little lady!  (Basket by TFJ Designs – http://www.tfjdesigns.bigcartel.com)


      I was so excited to use this set with Liliana!  Mint/soft turquoise is a very underused color on baby girls, and I think I need MORE of it in the studio!   Every time I use it I fall in love with the images!  This is gorgeous romper is from one of my all-time favorite shops, Leah Michele Creations (https://leahmichelecreations.com) and the headband and bowl is from another one of my all-time favorite shops, Luneberry (www.luneberry.com)

      Des_Moines_Iowa_Newborn_Baby_Photographer_246Another lovely mint shot of the lovely Miss Liliana.

      If you or a friend needs guidance on finding the right newborn photographer for your family, please check out my post on Finding the Right Newborn Photographer!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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