Introducing Finlee and Henry!

I was so blessed to get to capture the sweetness of these beautiful twins!  They both spent a lot of time in NICU, but were still sleepy little newborns when I met them for the first time (they were almost 3 months old!).  They were just a joy to photograph!


I adore Henry’s little grin in this picture.  He wasn’t sure what to think about being swaddled up so tight at first, but then he definitely relaxed, and even gave me a small grin.  Their mommy said that she loved grays and purples, and I was so happy with this color combination (oddly enough, one I had never used before, and I thought I had covered the whole spectrum at this point!!).


Snuggly baby boy.


This image of Finlee is too much!  Look at those little lips and her amazing skin!  Such a beauty!


There are definitely some challenges working with “older” newborns, one of them being they don’t always want to stay asleep.  One of the reasons I love this pose is that they are snug as bugs in these little swaddle sacks, and the pose shows of their faces perfectly.  Win-win!


…but sometimes it is fun to be awake!  Look at Henry’s amazing eyes!


What a gorgeous family.


One of my favorite daddy/daughter images of all time.  Finlee looks so stunning in this image, and she is so content in her daddy’s hands.


Proud mommy!


Two beauties.


The boys.


You can see the love and adoration Nick and Lindsey have for their babies.  Finlee and Henry sure are lucky.


Creamy loveliness.  Their skin in this setup is unreal!  Honestly, these are just GORGEOUS babies!


This is one of those shots that when you take it you think “Yep, this is going to be one of my all-time favorite newborn images.”  And it is.

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Sweet baby boy!  Sully is here!306A0114

Many people may not know I actually mentor other photographers on newborn photography and newborn posing.  My existing students and I got together this past month to work on family and sibling poses with newborn babies.  I had the pleasure of capturing Sully and his gorgeous sister, Olive, who may have been one of the best behaved big sisters ever!  And to top that off, she is stunning!


Look at those blue eyes!  Gah!  So gorgeous!  And Sully was so happy and sleepy in his big sister’s arms.


This is such a beautiful family, and such a beautiful moment.  I have had the joy of raising my own sweet girl and her little baby brother (Cora and Nile) and the love and protection Olive is showing Sully never ends.  She will be protective of him and adore him more every day.


Proud family.  Aren’t they gorgeous!?!


I am madly in love with this picture.  Michael looks so proud and happy.  I dare you to look at this picture and not smile.  Seriously.


She sure does love her baby brother.  I decided to include some black and white images in this blog because I so rarely show off my black and white shots, and I thought these were all so beautiful.


Leslie and her little man= true love.  This is a pose I just started using and was happy to get to show my students.  You really have to embrace the shadows for this pose, and many of us newborn photographers are more comfortable with less shadows (you think newborn, you think bright, happy, light!) but embracing the shadows brings the love and emotion out in this image.  It is one of my very favorite mom and baby images ever.

If you or a friend needs guidance on finding the right newborn photographer for your family, please check out my post on Finding the Right Newborn Photographer!

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Ellis is here and everyone is smiling about it!

I absolutely love newborn photography, and I hope that it shows in my images.  I typically have a little smile on my face when I look through the images from the session, because I just adore my babies and love how sweet and beautiful they look in each image.  BUT, I have to admit, some images bring bigger smiles and warm my heart more than others, and this is definitely one of them.  Look at that face!  That little smile!!  He is amazing!


Ellis truly is a gorgeous baby boy.  His skin is so creamy and his features are so sweet.  I love this profile shot of him.   This green may be his color!  This is one of the many adorable outfits from my girl Leah at Leach Michele Creations (


I doubt I will ever get sick of a baby in a crate.  Ellis’ little pout and chubby cheeks are perfection.  Whenever I pose babies in crates, baskets, or buckets, know that I have a spotter just inches outside of the frame.  Safety is my highest priority.  Even the sleepiest of babies (like Ellis here) can startle and move out of a pose, so safety first!


A snuggled up baby, all cozy and sweet!  I love it!  This is one of my favorite flokatis from one of my very favorite vendors, Cesia at Luneberry (


His hand on his heart.  LOVE IT!  Ellis was such a dream to work with.  He was happy to do any pose and looked gorgeous in every shot!


My favorite part of the session.  Ellis and Addison.  Such beautiful children!


Did I mention she absolutely adores her baby brother?


The smile says is all!  She is one happy big sister!

If you or a friend needs guidance on finding the right newborn photographer for your family, please check out my post on Finding the Right Newborn Photographer!

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Tiffany and Travis are celebrating – they are getting to welcome their first baby!
Des Moines_Iowa_Maternity_Photographer_100

These two were so much fun to work with.  First off, they are both beautiful inside and out, and second, they were up for anything I threw at them (including standing in the middle of traffic!).

Des Moines_Iowa_Maternity_Photographer_101

I love how happy they look.  Travis is a fellow photographer, so getting to photograph someone who shares my love for photograph was so much fun!  And clearly Tiffany is a natural model, so working with her made my job easy!  Her amazing makeup was done by my friend Ivy at Wakeup for Makeup (

Des Moines_Iowa_Maternity_Photographer_107For me, the goal of a maternity session is to not only capture how beautiful pregnancy is, but also capture the love an excitement expecting parents have for their unborn child.  I am absolutely in love with this image, as I feel it highlights how fierce and stunning pregnancy can be.

Des Moines_Iowa_Maternity_Photographer_106

Super fierce.

Des Moines_Iowa_Maternity_Photographer_103

A family starts with the love of the parents, and Tiffany and Travis definitely have that!

Des Moines_Iowa_Maternity_Photographer_104

Happy, beautiful, mommy-to-be.  I can’t believe how beautiful pregnancy is on Tiffany!

Des Moines_Iowa_Maternity_Photographer_105

When I first met these two my initial thought was “downtown shoot.”  It just seemed to fit their personalities ands styles.  Travis’ tattoos in this image, the lights of downtown behind them, Tiffany in her edgy black lace maternity gown were EXACTLY what I envisioned for this downtown shoot.  I love it!

Des Moines_Iowa_Maternity_Photographer_102

Last shot of the day just as the light was fading.  I am so fortunate to get to do the job I do with people who value photography.  Capturing exciting moments for my clients brings me so much joy.  Plus, the the next time I see these two I will be photographing their BABY GIRL!!  I can’t wait!

If you or a friend needs guidance on finding the right newborn photographer for your family, please check out my post on Finding the Right Newborn Photographer!

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Haley is here and she is perfection!306A0444

I simply cannot get over how gorgeous this baby girl is!  I was blessed to get to photograph her big brother when he was brand new, and so it was so amazing to get to once again be part of this exciting time for their family!


I mean, come ON!  This girl!
One of the things I love about newborn photography is that changing angles, even slightly, shows off such different features on newborns.  They are so tiny, so any change in camera angle changes which features are shown off.  I love her tiny toes and pouty lips in this image!


This is a side angle of the popular “froggy” pose.  Haley’s mommy told me she would love to see her baby girl in a pink tutu, and I knew immediately we would work to have her do this pose, because it looks adorable with her tutu!


When I first started photographing newborns, family and parent shots intimidated me, but now they are absolutely my favorite part of the session.  The love and happiness on Alicia’s face is undeniable.  I am so fortunate to get to witness such true love.

306A0294And…a sibling shot with a two year old for the WIN!  My fellow photographers know how difficult sibling shots can be, especially with the “big brother” is still a baby himself!  But Thomas was a dream to work with and did an incredible job holding Haley.


Daddy daughter shots are probably my very favorite.  It may be because I am a daddy’s girl, and also because my own daughter is a daddy’s girl…but I just don’t think there is anything sweeter!


I love this picture.  They all look so happy and beautiful!


So pretty in pink!


This image *might* be my favorite from the session!  Look at that face!!


This pillow was made from Haley’s mommy’s wedding dress bodice, and the blanket is from her gown.  We were so happy to get to use this for her session, as we also used it in her big brother’s session.


Peachy-pink prettiness!306A0514

And this face.  I just can’t get over how beautiful Haley is!306A0495

I just realized THIS *might* be my very favorite image of Haley.  She is so gorgeous, they are all my favorites!

If you or a friend needs guidance on finding the right newborn photographer for your family, please check out my post on Finding the Right Newborn Photographer!

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