Newborn Baby Boy {Sully}

Sweet baby boy!  Sully is here!306A0114

Many people may not know I actually mentor other photographers on newborn photography and newborn posing.  My existing students and I got together this past month to work on family and sibling poses with newborn babies.  I had the pleasure of capturing Sully and his gorgeous sister, Olive, who may have been one of the best behaved big sisters ever!  And to top that off, she is stunning!


Look at those blue eyes!  Gah!  So gorgeous!  And Sully was so happy and sleepy in his big sister’s arms.


This is such a beautiful family, and such a beautiful moment.  I have had the joy of raising my own sweet girl and her little baby brother (Cora and Nile) and the love and protection Olive is showing Sully never ends.  She will be protective of him and adore him more every day.


Proud family.  Aren’t they gorgeous!?!


I am madly in love with this picture.  Michael looks so proud and happy.  I dare you to look at this picture and not smile.  Seriously.


She sure does love her baby brother.  I decided to include some black and white images in this blog because I so rarely show off my black and white shots, and I thought these were all so beautiful.


Leslie and her little man= true love.  This is a pose I just started using and was happy to get to show my students.  You really have to embrace the shadows for this pose, and many of us newborn photographers are more comfortable with less shadows (you think newborn, you think bright, happy, light!) but embracing the shadows brings the love and emotion out in this image.  It is one of my very favorite mom and baby images ever.

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