Newborn Baby Boy {Ellis}

Ellis is here and everyone is smiling about it!

I absolutely love newborn photography, and I hope that it shows in my images.  I typically have a little smile on my face when I look through the images from the session, because I just adore my babies and love how sweet and beautiful they look in each image.  BUT, I have to admit, some images bring bigger smiles and warm my heart more than others, and this is definitely one of them.  Look at that face!  That little smile!!  He is amazing!


Ellis truly is a gorgeous baby boy.  His skin is so creamy and his features are so sweet.  I love this profile shot of him.   This green may be his color!  This is one of the many adorable outfits from my girl Leah at Leach Michele Creations (


I doubt I will ever get sick of a baby in a crate.  Ellis’ little pout and chubby cheeks are perfection.  Whenever I pose babies in crates, baskets, or buckets, know that I have a spotter just inches outside of the frame.  Safety is my highest priority.  Even the sleepiest of babies (like Ellis here) can startle and move out of a pose, so safety first!


A snuggled up baby, all cozy and sweet!  I love it!  This is one of my favorite flokatis from one of my very favorite vendors, Cesia at Luneberry (


His hand on his heart.  LOVE IT!  Ellis was such a dream to work with.  He was happy to do any pose and looked gorgeous in every shot!


My favorite part of the session.  Ellis and Addison.  Such beautiful children!


Did I mention she absolutely adores her baby brother?


The smile says is all!  She is one happy big sister!

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