Expecting {Tiffany and Travis}

Tiffany and Travis are celebrating – they are getting to welcome their first baby!
Des Moines_Iowa_Maternity_Photographer_100

These two were so much fun to work with.  First off, they are both beautiful inside and out, and second, they were up for anything I threw at them (including standing in the middle of traffic!).

Des Moines_Iowa_Maternity_Photographer_101

I love how happy they look.  Travis is a fellow photographer, so getting to photograph someone who shares my love for photograph was so much fun!  And clearly Tiffany is a natural model, so working with her made my job easy!  Her amazing makeup was done by my friend Ivy at Wakeup for Makeup (http://wakeupformakeup.com).

Des Moines_Iowa_Maternity_Photographer_107For me, the goal of a maternity session is to not only capture how beautiful pregnancy is, but also capture the love an excitement expecting parents have for their unborn child.  I am absolutely in love with this image, as I feel it highlights how fierce and stunning pregnancy can be.

Des Moines_Iowa_Maternity_Photographer_106

Super fierce.

Des Moines_Iowa_Maternity_Photographer_103

A family starts with the love of the parents, and Tiffany and Travis definitely have that!

Des Moines_Iowa_Maternity_Photographer_104

Happy, beautiful, mommy-to-be.  I can’t believe how beautiful pregnancy is on Tiffany!

Des Moines_Iowa_Maternity_Photographer_105

When I first met these two my initial thought was “downtown shoot.”  It just seemed to fit their personalities ands styles.  Travis’ tattoos in this image, the lights of downtown behind them, Tiffany in her edgy black lace maternity gown were EXACTLY what I envisioned for this downtown shoot.  I love it!

Des Moines_Iowa_Maternity_Photographer_102

Last shot of the day just as the light was fading.  I am so fortunate to get to do the job I do with people who value photography.  Capturing exciting moments for my clients brings me so much joy.  Plus, the the next time I see these two I will be photographing their BABY GIRL!!  I can’t wait!

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